Saturday, October 2, 2010

The journey in Starcraft 2 Part 1

Ok, so i got the game, opened the dvd box, put it into my computer, and suddenly my computer began to lift of and shoot laser in all directions.

So I have only played this game for 2 days, and it kicks so much ass that i can't even believe it.
I have only got through 3/4 of the single player part (or at least I think so), and i already love the game. I don't think that i can just put this game away after playing it for like.. 1 year or so... or do I because the Heart of Swarm (SC2 expansion) has already been announce, and i think it's gonna be released in less then a year from now.
But still, Starcraft 2 WOL is a master piece, and the crazy thing about it is that, I haven't even got the multiplayer part yet. And that is why the parts of the journey in Starcraft 2 is for.
When I get through the Single player part, and start on the Multiplayer part I will write it all down in part 2.


  1. I heard in south korea that almost everyone in the country got the day off, because they knew they would skip work anyway.

  2. @ Banana

    If that is true, then... wow, lol.

  3. never played this but heard good things.

  4. @Thump.
    If you llove or like rts, then you GOTTA get this game.

  5. it is a great game i love with the flame of 200 firebats