Thursday, September 30, 2010

The journey in Starcraft 2

So I've deiced to make a diary (kinda) as I play my way through SC2 (StarCraft 2) from total noob, to (hopefully) a well skilled player.
But right now I'm just waiting for the game to be put into my mailbox, and I really want it now, but can't. All I can do is waiting and it's very very hard.

So far my plan i SC2 is this.
I play my way through the story line, on hard mode, and when that is over i begin on the multi-player part.
I have read and watch alot of videos on how to be a good SC2 player on 1 vs 1. My main race will be Protos and I think it's an easy race to start with, and for me it will also be the one i will stick with.... for now. Who knows, maybe I will become a Terran (is possible) or a Zerg (not that possible) player... Time will tell... 

I will write parts whenever i feel I've taken steps further into SC2.

But right now i desperately trying to kill time. Tomorrow i will get the game  :)

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