Thursday, October 21, 2010

like a samboedeee

Ok. This video just made me laugh so hard that i just have to share it with you guys.

And for more pranks you should check out his channel many more pranks of the same kind in there.


Enjoy ^_^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old spice + Sesame Street?

Well if your gonna get the full joke of the second video your gonna see this first (But i think the most of you know this already)

and now the second one. This is done by the amazing people behind Sesame Street, which also have their own youtube channel.


Enjoy!    :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Eversion The Game

First let me say that the game is FREE to download  :-)

Ok so this review of eversion is going to be a little strange because i don't want to spoile you the fun that is in this game, and trust me after you have played it, you will know why  :-)
It's not very long, it takes about ½ to 1½ hour to clear, so it's short but funny as hell.

DO NOTE, that this game is not suitable for children and / or for those with very bad nerves.Don't believe me? Then check the very first screen for this game.

And then check the next 4 second you are going to play...  XD

How the hell can this not be suitable for children, you may ask... again?
Well as i wrote before i can't tell you but after some lvl's you will know.

The gameplay
So what can i tell you about the game?
Well the music is awesome. Very nostalgia and yet catchy.
The movement is very similar to mario. Yes yes. Everythin is very mario in here, but still you will enjoy playing it.
You move with the left and right arrow keys, and jump on the up arrow, and to evert (when you see the color in the game change color, and the music change a little bit, you can evert) you use the spacebar, and when you evert you change the world into another world.
You can also change the keys when the game starts up by pressing the tab bar.

So yeah. The game is FREE and i REALLY think that you should check it out.
And if you complete it, then tell me what you think and write it in the comment section  :-)

Download link:


Remember to comment. I would really like to hear what you guys think of it  :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

I just had to show you guys this video.
Yep it's dragon ball, and today I'm not playing any of the game, I'm still a huge fan.
The music and graphic is just insane. Love it love it  

Hope you enjoy it, and have a fantastic Friday ;-)

Minecraft Review

So lets look at Minecraft for a bit.
The game is made by a Swedish person (yes 1 person began to program this game all by himself)
One thing about Minecraft is that if your a person who only look at the graphics in games and not on the gameplay, you will most likely HATE this game. Pixels a big, but not hard to see what they represent, in fact it's easy, and a bit of creative.

First to say about minecraft is that every time you start a new game / world, the minecraft creates a new world every time. Not 2 ppl will get the same world ever. Minecraft generates the world random, and every hour ( i think) or when you walk in one direction, it creates more of the world your in. It is said that Minecraft creates a world 3 times bigger then our own.

So there are several game style in Minecraft. Singleplayer, where there is builder and journey gameplay.

In the builder mode you are, yep you guessed it, a builder in a world. You have all the recourses (blocks) for you to use. Here you can play god and build anything you want. Fun, buuut it does get a little boring after you run out of ideas of what to build.

In the journey mode (and this is where minecraft really gets fun to play) you start of in a world, just like in builder world, but you got nothing. You have to get everything by yourself. And you better hurry because in journey mode there is night and day, and night is coming, and when everything is dark at night, evil creatures spawn and will get you. So what do you do? You start making a house.
And this guy knows how to do it.

So Minecraft is a very funny game. Go try it here at
The game is free to use in builder mode or classic as it says on the site, but everything else then you have to buy the game, but it's very cheap, like 15 bucks or something.    

Thats all i got for this awsome game.
And now after I have posted this I will go and play some more. I have found a cave i will explore  :-)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The journey in Starcraft 2 Part 1

Ok, so i got the game, opened the dvd box, put it into my computer, and suddenly my computer began to lift of and shoot laser in all directions.

So I have only played this game for 2 days, and it kicks so much ass that i can't even believe it.
I have only got through 3/4 of the single player part (or at least I think so), and i already love the game. I don't think that i can just put this game away after playing it for like.. 1 year or so... or do I because the Heart of Swarm (SC2 expansion) has already been announce, and i think it's gonna be released in less then a year from now.
But still, Starcraft 2 WOL is a master piece, and the crazy thing about it is that, I haven't even got the multiplayer part yet. And that is why the parts of the journey in Starcraft 2 is for.
When I get through the Single player part, and start on the Multiplayer part I will write it all down in part 2.